About Us

About Our Company

S N Contrators established in the year 2014 as a building demolition and dismantling company which has developed into a multi-disciplined specialist contractors offering demolition and dismantling of building in Delhi(NCR). These services are presented to a diversity of customers accros India in the subsequent marketplace segments.


S N Contractors mission is to provide demolition and dismantling services within the pre-decided time frame and with cost efficient budget keeping in mind all safety measures.


Our Vision is to provide demolition and dismantling services within all over India using environment friendly Technics


We are well equipped with a wide range of Hi-tech machinery and tools to carry out various demolition and dismantling activities with the least hassle. Leveraging on these machinery, we can provide services of higher magnitude with higher degree of perfection .These machinery are authorized and highly efficient. As per demanding situation, we clear the debris and allow pollution free surroundings.

The special grade machinery and other necessary things present in our portfolio are :
  1. Pocklain Breaker
  2. Chiping Hammer
  3. JCB's
  4. Gas Cutter
  5. Pavement Hammer
  6. Hydraulic Concrete Crusher
  7. Steel Wire Rope
  8. Hydraulic Splitter
  9. Demoliton Hammer
  10. Rotary Hammer
  11. Mounted Breakers
  12. Hydraulic Hammer
  13. Pneumatic Hammer
  14. Diamond Cutter